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Crime Victims Compensation Program

NOTICE: KRS 346.135 went into effect on June 25, 2013, prohibiting collection activities related to claims filed with the CVCB. 

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Kentucky's Crime Victims Compensation Board (CVCB) assists more than 1,000 victims of violent crime per year who have no other resources to pay for the medical, funeral, mental health counseling, and dental or corrective lens expenses resulting from the crime.  Assistance can also include lost wages of the victim or loss of support for someone dependent on the victim. When awarded, payments are made directly to service providers or can be reimbursements to victims or claimants.  The CVCB strives to be pro-victim and includes at least one crime victim.  The board's goal is to provide not only the above-mentioned assistance, but also to show empathy and provide caring assistance to crime victims during a particularly traumatic time.

The CVCB acts under the authority of KRS Chapter 346 and KAR Title 107. For legal information, contact legal counsel G. Mitchell Mattingly at For information regarding policies and procedures, contact Lindsay Crawford at

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